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How does website speed testing tool work

Website speed testing tool Testing Master, as an automation website speed test tool, can emulate the activity of hundreds or even thousands of real users from a single speed testing machine.

Testing Master is website speed tester which replaces the human user with a virtual user. Virtual user emulates the actions of real user. Virtual user behavior is described in test scenario. A test scenario defines the events that occur during each Web site speed testing session, such as the number of users, the pages they visit, and the operations that you want to measure.

A website speed test run can contain hundreds or thousands of virtual users that lets you to emulate the interaction with Web server of multiple, simultaneously acting users. Website speed testing tool Testing Master even can perform stress testing (using extreme loads) - to find the breaking point and bottlenecks of tested system.

Load testing with the help of website speed testing tool Testing Master is simple and straightforward. Testing Master consists of the following main components: Virtual User Recorder, Scenario Editor, Test Runner and Results Viewer.

Recorder records steps of your activity in browser as you navigate through Web site. These steps are the basis of your test scenario.
In Editor you can adjust virtual user behavior and add dynamic data to the website speed test.
In Runner you defines the website speed test volume, sets load level for test run and finally start a test.

When website speed testing tool Testing Master finishes running the website speed test, it displays the results of the test run. Graphs and reports give you the summary and detailed information about speed tested Web server performance under the load. Full log of virtual user activity (all requests and responses) during a website speed test is also available.

If you want to learn more about website speed test tool Testing Master, see Product section.

Download the 30-day trial version to see the advantages of website testing tool Testing Master.

If you have any questions or problems concerning our website speed test tool, go to Support section and contact us. We will be happy to help you.

if you want to know more terms concerning website testing, please go to our Glossary section.

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