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Why use automated testing tool?

Two common methods of load testing are manual and automated testing. Manual load testing is very challenging, time and money consuming way: you should instruct a lot of real users, coordinate users during a test. And only imagine how you could repeat tests in a consistent way?

Because load testing is iterative in nature, website testers must identify performance problems, tune the system and retest to ensure that tuning has had a positive impact - several times. For this reason, manual testing is not a very practical option. Today, automated load testing is the preferred choice for load testing a Web site or Intranet application. You can test encrypted web pages as well.

By taking a disciplined approach to automated load testing, you can optimize resources, as well as better predict hardware and software requirements, and set performance expectations to meet end-user service level agreements.

With website automated testing tool Testing Master tests can be easily rerun and the results automatically measured. In this way, automated testing tool Testing Master provides a more cost-effective and efficient solution than its manual counterparts. Plus, they minimize the risk of human error during automated testing.

Using automated testing tool Testing Master you can:

  • Replace manual testers with automated virtual users
  • Simultaneously run many virtual users on a single load-generating machine
  • Automatically measure web transaction times
  • Easily repeat load scenarios to validate design and performance changes

This allows you to save time and costly resources when performing automated load testing.

We provide custom testing solutions for our corporate customers. If you need a customized version of automated testing tool Testing Master branded for your company, we can do this.

If you want to learn more about website load stress testing tool Testing Master, see Product section.

Download the 30-day trial version to see the advantages of website testing tool Testing Master.

If you have any questions or problems concerning our website load stress testing tool, go to Support section and contact us. We will be happy to help you.

if you want to know more terms concerning website testing, please go to our Glossary section.

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