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Testing Master performs web site stress testing, load and speed testing and provides webmasters with easy and cost-effective way of stress testing web site performance characteristics and finding bottlenecks.
Test your web site with Testing Master!

Web site stress testing tool Testing Master emulates the activity of human users with virtual users. Each virtual user emulates the actions of one real user. A website stress testing run can contain hundreds or thousands of virtual users to let you emulate the load experienced by a web site when the corresponding number of real users browse it. The behavior of each virtual user, the number of them and other web site stress testing parameters are specified in test scenario.Testing Master can test secure web pages via https

Web site stress testing tool Testing Master interface is very easy to use. Basically website stress testing tool includes the following components:

  • Test Recorder;
  • Scenario Editor;
  • Test Runner;
  • Results viewer.

Test recorder is used to record your web site stress testing activity while you browse web site in the Microsoft Internet Explorer window. When web site stress testing is finished you can edit the test sequence, adjust virtual users behavior and add dynamically changing data using Scenario editor. Then you should use Test runner to specify additional parameters for the web site stress testing and run it. When Testing Master finishes running the test, web site stress testing tool displays the results in the Results viewer using graphs and reports to give you the detailed information about web site performance under specified load conditions.

If you difficult to understand about how web site stress testing tool Testing Master performs load test, Download a trial version and see it by visual demonstration.

Features - Read more about web site stress testing tool Testing Master features.

if you want to know more terms concerning website stress testing tool, please go to our Glossary section.

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