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Why perform web site load testing with Testing Master

Include load testing solution in your Web developer toolkit

Testing Master 1.5 is a web site load testing tool provides webmasters with cost-effective way of load testing web site performance characteristics. Nowadays, when internet becomes more and more popular instrument for business, it's very difficult to create a good web presentation without efficient web site development tools. Web site load testing tool Testing Master is the tool of choice for Web developers and QA professionals that should perform an occasional task of performance, stress and web site load testing. Web site load testing tool can help you if you need to launch new Web application, renew front-end or back-end, scale or tune the performance of you Web site or intranet application.

With web site load testing tool Testing Master you can quickly get the vital information about how your Web system performs under various load conditions:

  • How many concurrent users can be served by your Web site or intranet application?
  • Does it scale as required?
  • Which pages are processed too slowly?
  • What are the main bottlenecks that affect performance?

Web site load testing tool Testing Master emulates the activity of human users with virtual users. A web site load test run can contain hundreds of virtual users. Easy-to-use interface and straightforward web site load testing paradigm make it possible to start load testing and get significant results in a short time. The behavior of each virtual user, the number of them and other load test parameters are specified in test scenario. For example, you can set delays ("think times") between requests for more accurate simulation of real user behavior.

Web site load testing tool Testing Master has excellent abilities of run-time load test data generation. The values of request load testing parameters and URIs can be calculated in a number of ways. Web site load testing parameters can even be determined by server response to the previous request.

Web site load testing tool Testing Master supports all security features related to HTTPS/SSL. You can both record and play back requests to secure content. Load testing of sites protected with basic authorization is also supported.

Web site load testing tool Testing Master creates complete log of virtual users activity for each test, including all requests and server responses.

Web site load testing tool Testing Master main features

Pricing and Availability

Web site load testing tool Testing Master is designed for Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP and competitively priced at $100 (US). Volume discounts are provided. The 30-day trial version can be downloaded at

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