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Website speed tester

Each website owner knows that poor performance of his site can have a very negative impact on visitor experience. But how can one test, will his website remain stable under stress loads or not? The answer is easy: you need to optimize it using a speed tester utility, such as Testing Master. Testing Master is an Internet speed tester that allows you to obtain accurate and relevant information on your website's behavior in different conditions and reveal all areas where it can be improved.

Testing Master speed tester can help you to find out how your server operates under extreme loads, how many concurrent visitors it can handle, what weak places your website has and what you can do to improve it. Excelling in flexibility of configuration, this speed tester runs the most realistic load tests and takes into account the whole unpredictability of the Internet. Whenever you are planning to launch a new website or promote an existing one, you will need such a useful speed tester utility like Testing Master that will discover all breaking points and bottlenecks of your project for you.

With Testing Master you can flexibly configure events that occur during each speed tester session, such as the number of users, the pages they visit, the operations you want to measure, etc. What puts Testing Master above many other speed tester utilities is that it can base replication of virtual users activities on your personal activities. The speed tester has an integrated Recorder which can record your actual behavior when you surf the Internet.

Having performed the testing, Testing Master returns extensive reports in most accurate and comprehensible form that is easy to interpret and act upon. With the help of this speed tester you will obtain a complete answer on how your website behaves in different situations, see all its strengths and weaknesses and decide what you can do to make it better. It will help you to avoid receiving bad rates and create a well-considered website that can be scaled to match your business requirements.

Download Testing Master speed tester now and ensure that your website can deliver the best possible user experience!

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