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World Wide Web - WWW

World Wide Web - WWW

A major service on the Internet. To understand exactly how the Web relates to the Internet, see Web vs. Internet. The World Wide Web is made up of "Web servers" that store and disseminate "Web pages," which are "rich" documents that contain text, graphics, animations and videos to anyone with an Internet connection.

The heart of the Web technology is the hyperlink, which connects each document to each other by its "URL" address, whether locally or around the world by clicking it. "Click here" caused the Web to explode in the mid-1990s. The Web turned the Internet into the largest online shopping mall and information source in the world. See Web 2.0.

The Browser Web pages are accessed by the user via the Web browser application such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Opera and Firefox. The browser renders the pages on screen and automatically invokes additional software as needed. For example, animations and special effects are browser plug-ins, and audio and video are played by the media player software that either comes with the operating system or from a third party.

HTML Is the Format A Web page is a text document embedded with HTML tags that define how the text is rendered on screen. Web pages can be created with any text editor or word processor. They are also created in HTML authoring programs that provide a graphical interface for designing the layout. Authoring programs generate the HTML tags behind the scenes, but the tags can be edited if required. Many applications export documents directly to HTML, thus basic Web pages can be created in numerous ways without HTML coding. The ease of page creation helped fuel the Web's growth.

A collection of Web pages makes up a Web site. Very large organizations deploy their Web sites on inhouse servers or on their own servers co-located in a third party facility that provides power and Internet access. Small to medium sites are generally hosted by Internet service providers (ISPs). Millions of people have developed their own mini Web sites as ISPs typically host a small number of personal Web pages at no extra cost to individual customers.

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