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Alpha Site

In the science fiction television show Stargate SG-1, the Alpha Site is a secondary offworld base of Earth's Stargate Command (SGC). It is located within a mountain for protection, just like the SGC. This base is used in case an evacuation of the SGC is necessary. Off-world SG teams will contact the Alpha Site in case they are unable to make contact with the SGC. The Alpha Sites are changed to different planets if the location is compromised. The Alpha Site is also used by Earth's allies: mainly the Tok'ra, and Rebel Jaffa if they require a secure location to hide from the Goa'uld. The Alpha Site has been used as a testing facility for Earth's new prototype spacecraft.

There have been three Alpha Sites so far in the television series. The first two were relatively simple prefabricated compounds whose locations were compromised and had to be abandoned, the second after a Kull Warrior attack that resulted in the base's self-destruct bomb being triggered in Death Knell. The current Alpha Site is on a planet unknown to the Goa'uld and has a set up rather like a miniature version of the SGC at Cheyenne Mountain. It appears to be a permanent location.

In an alternate universe encountered by Daniel Jackson in the episode "There But For The Grace of God", the Alpha Site was referred to as the Beta Site and had the same coordinates as the first Alpha Site. A Beta Site also exists in the standard SG-1 universe; however, this acts as a back-up to the Alpha Site and is located on a different planet.

In Stargate Atlantis the Atlantis Expedition has had great difficulty finding a suitable planet for an Alpha Site, since all inhabited worlds are subject to periodic culling by the Wraith and most uninhabited worlds are uninhabited for good reason.

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